Canary seed

  • Canaryseed contains starch, lipids, resins, salicylic acid and oxalic acid and nitrogenous substances.
  • Popularly, canary seed is used as lipid-lowering or reducing the levels of lipids or fats in the blood. Also as an emollient or anti-inflammatory and as an excellent diuretic.
  • . In the Canary Islands it is also used for bladder problems, kidney stones and urinary diseases. In antiquity with its flour bread it was made, but the cook , many nutrients are lost, therefore ,maceration and subsequent crushing of grain mixed with water, is how it draws all its advantage .

Información Nutrimental
sin separar
¼ taza/47 g
Porciones por bolsa 5
Cantidad por porción
Contenido energético 663 kJ (157 kal)
Kilocalorías de grasa 6,3
Grasas (lípidos)
de las cuales:
Grasa saturada
0,7 g
0,1 g
Proteínas 10,6 g
Carbohidratos disponibles
de las cuales:
25,0 g
0,5 g
Fibra dietética 2,5 g
Sodio 4,7 mg
Vitamina B1 (Tiamina) 21%
Ácido fólico (Folacina) 100%
Magnesio 30%
Hierro 15%
Porcentajes de Valores Nutrimentales de Referencia (V.N.R.) para la población mexicana (NOM-051-S CFI-S S A1-2010)
Kilocalorías por gramo, Grasa 9, Carbohídratos 4, Proteínas 4

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