Sunflower seed

  • Within the own properties of sunflower seeds, it is interesting that are treated in a very healthy and natural food, which provides completely free cholesterol fats ( unsaturated fatty acids ), a number of proteins (29 g. ) and content somewhat lower in carbohydrates.
  • Sunflower seeds are extremely rich in unsaturated fatty acids antioxidants, which help prevent the onset of cancer while useful to combat the worst effects of aging. They contain a lot of dietary fiber, so they are recommended when improved intestinal motility, being useful against constipation. It helps lower cholesterol levels so high as to lower high triglycerides.

Información Nutrimental
sin separar
¼ taza/47 g
Porciones por bolsa 5
Cantidad por porción
Contenido energético 663 kJ (157 kal)
Kilocalorías de grasa 6,3
Grasas (lípidos)
de las cuales:
Grasa saturada
0,7 g
0,1 g
Proteínas 10,6 g
Carbohidratos disponibles
de las cuales:
25,0 g
0,5 g
Fibra dietética 2,5 g
Sodio 4,7 mg
Vitamina B1 (Tiamina) 21%
Ácido fólico (Folacina) 100%
Magnesio 30%
Hierro 15%
Porcentajes de Valores Nutrimentales de Referencia (V.N.R.) para la población mexicana (NOM-051-S CFI-S S A1-2010)
Kilocalorías por gramo, Grasa 9, Carbohídratos 4, Proteínas 4

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