Ancho Chilli

  • Ancho chilli, is one of the most used dried chiles in Mexico is the dry form of chile poblano. It is dark red and is between 12 and 15 centimeters long. Although very similar to the chile mulato tastes with different nuances. Your degree of spiciness varies greatly, from very strong to slightly spicy. The ancho is used in a myriad of dishes and is often combined with other dried chilis as the mulatto and pasilla for making moles and marinades. In some cases it is also used to make stuffed peppers.

  • Chili " has anti-inflammatory , anti-irritant effect and helps prevent pain.

Información Nutrimental
sin separar
¼ taza/47 g
Porciones por bolsa 5
Cantidad por porción
Contenido energético 663 kJ (157 kal)
Kilocalorías de grasa 6,3
Grasas (lípidos)
de las cuales:
Grasa saturada
0,7 g
0,1 g
Proteínas 10,6 g
Carbohidratos disponibles
de las cuales:
25,0 g
0,5 g
Fibra dietética 2,5 g
Sodio 4,7 mg
Vitamina B1 (Tiamina) 21%
Ácido fólico (Folacina) 100%
Magnesio 30%
Hierro 15%
Porcentajes de Valores Nutrimentales de Referencia (V.N.R.) para la población mexicana (NOM-051-S CFI-S S A1-2010)
Kilocalorías por gramo, Grasa 9, Carbohídratos 4, Proteínas 4

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