Chipotle Chili

  • Chipotle pepper (also called chilpoctle or chilpotle , Nahuatl chilpoctli or xipoctli , ie smoked Chile) is a type of chili , usually Jalapeno Variety which has been left to mature to become red and dry.
  • This product , whose use is beyond the scope of Mexico , is made from chilies and various seasonings and in its final state has a dry brown appearance , with very spicy aroma and complex flavor dishes that these peppers are used are varied, for example , chipotle chicken, cakes Baja California , broth and roast tlalpeño certain sauces.

Información Nutrimental
Porción 3 piezas
Porciones por bolsa 20
Cantidad por porción
Contenido energético 52 kJ (12 kal)
Kilocalorías de grasa 4.5
Grasas (lípidos)
de las cuales:
Grasa saturada
0,5 g
0 g
Proteínas 0,6 g
Carbohidratos disponibles
de las cuales:
1,2 g
0 g
Fibra dietética 0,3 g
Sodio 0 mg
Vitamina C 7%
Vitamina A 7%
Porcentajes de Valores Nutrimentales de Referencia (V.N.R.) para la población mexicana (NOM-051-S CFI-S S A1-2010)
Kilocalorías por gramo, Grasa 9, Carbohídratos 4, Proteínas 4

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