Tip 1. Take advantage and enjoy more time with your family!

  1. img familiaSchedule your time. Spending quality time with your family should be a priority and as such should be included in your calendar as you include a date doctor or important meetings.
  2. Take advantage of every moment. Take advantage of small moments like travel by car, when you cook (can be cooked together), increases in elevator of a building and when you're waiting for the doctor's appointment.
  3. Find excuses. Check our calendar of celebrations of every month to find large and small celebrations with ideas on how to celebrate family.
  4. Family dinner. Share food and uses the instance to talk with your children about their day, challenges and aspirations. If we do not share your meals with them part gradually and slowly increasing family meal nights.
  5. Focus on them. When you are with your children, whether at home, watching a movie or in the park, focus your attention on them.

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