Tip 2. Plan your day

  1. img familia2Leave your bed made before leaving home. It takes less than 5 minutes and you avoid the feeling of disorder that gives get home and see the unmade bed.
  2. Pick up the table after each meal.. It is better to clear the table immediately after eating, because after arriving laziness or simply forget.
  3. Fold and keep clothes in the closets.Always put the washing machine, you must always tender and there's always clothes to iron, fold and store.
  4. Remove the dust. The ideal is to have a washcloth every day so that dust does not accumulate in our furniture.
  5. Pick a room and before abandoning think if you've done it all you had to do. Always before leaving a room think if you finished all you have to do there, so that later do not have to go back for something you forgot.
  6. Think and prepares breakfast for the next day. If at night, while you're making dinner, you think about what you're going to breakfast tomorrow, and you leave prepared you can, everything is much easier.
  7. Pick up the kitchen before going to sleep. .At night there is time, which is very short if you are listening to the radio or you do it in the company.
  8. Get rid of garbage daily. Every night is recommended for all the garbage down gradually will not accumulate bags.
  9. Make one chore per day. One of the highest productivity but applied at home. What is the most important thing you should do today in your house ?. Do not try to do more than one task per day.
  10. Get ready to go to bed an hour before bedtime. Although sometimes the schedules are very hectic it is recommended to prepare before we desvelemos not much and go to bed relaxed.
  11. Get rid of a useless thing every day. We have hundreds of absurd things that do nothing but collect dust and space at home. Why not start to get rid of them ?.

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