Tip 3. For a balanced pantry

img despensaSometimes grocery shopping becomes a challenge, because usually, we ended up buying food we do not need and sometimes forget take those that we need or we can help maintain a healthy weight. To avoid this, we share some tips to help you buy what you need:
  1. Make a list of foods that you need in your pantry and respect her. Do not give in to the cravings.
  2. Do not shop when you're hungry, because probably end up buying food do not need. Eat a healthy snack before going to the supermarket.
  3. Plan menus (breakfast, lunch and dinner) of the week or month, and will buy only foods that you use. With this you will avoid wastage and better you control your budget.
  4. Always include in your pantry list of fruits and vegetables, that are looking for the station to have a better price. They are a very healthy snack.
  5. Experts recommend that when choosing cereals (sliced bread, rolls, tortillas), look high fiber choices; whereas in dairy select the low-fat versions.

There are others that you check the labels of products that will be in your pantry, so you can ensure that you are choosing the healthier alternative for you and your family. And you, do you have a healthy pantry?

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